12 January 2020

Cobar SpA – Projects and References – Video Showcase

COBAR S.p.A. is among the leading 20 companies in the construction industry, currently active in private construction, and it’s the leading construction company in the first place in the Centre-South of Italy. The Company’s core business, that has always served as its internal beacon and compass, mostly centres around public and private contracts, and focuses on design, implementation of restoration and conservation works for movable and immovable heritage sites (theatres, churches, shrines, monasteries, historical buildings, etc..): these sites hold exceptional historical and artistic value for Italy, and are protected under cultural and environmental heritage law.

The professionalism of its technical and production resources has reached an outstanding level of excellence (engineers, architects, surveyors and experts are added to solid teams that are highly specialized in specific sectors and processes), especially due to a core dedication to training and continuous learning.

COBAR S.p.A. is especially celebrated for its reliability: all contracts awarded over the years have been brought to successful completion, in full respect of deadlines, a practice way too often overlooked or neglected in the public sector.

The majority of the finalized works were designed both by licensed technicians employed by the Company and by accredited external professional technicians with proven experience. Vito Matteo Barozzi, manager of Cobar SpA, is proud of the timeliness and professionalism of the works performed, of the experience and talents put in the field: we design and build works that bring progress. Read more about our achievements: our outstanding constructions, built with engineering excellence, innovation and sustainable mobility.