13 November 2019

Inauguration of Matera Centrale FAL Station

Located in Piazza della Visitazione, a special place that connects the historical town, the city built after the war and modern areas, the new “Matera Centrale” station definitively marks a new important access point to the city of Matera, during the year in the year in which the city has been designated as European Capital of Culture.

“The project of a new railway station allows to anticipate and include, in a location or in an architectural project, the features of the city for which the station will become the gateway – as stated by architect Stefano Boeri – For Matera, we envisioned an infrastructure that would become, to all extents, a place of passage, but also of rest and meeting. A public place made up of two empty spaces: a longitudinal space, located 6 meters underground along the tracks, and the space (at ground floor level) of the square, covered and bounded by a large canopy”. The intervention by Cobar SpA consists of the construction of the New Railway Station of #Matera. Namely, it consists in the building renovation, through aesthetic and functional requalification, as well as technological and railway adaptation, of the existing of Matera Centrale FAL station, one of the three stations of the FAL Bari – Matera section serving the city. The intervention is part of the initiatives related to the designation of Matera as “European Capital of Culture” for the year 2019. The intervention is performed in the city of Matera, on the site of the currently existing railway station and adjacent railway areas. The contract includes all the interventions, services, supplies and provisions necessary to bring the project to completion, in accordance with the terms specified in the contract, with the technical, qualitative and quantitative specifications detailed in the executive project and its annexes. Mr.Vito Barozzi, manager of Cobar SpA, and architect Stefano Boeri were extremely satisfied with the timeliness and professionalism with which the project was carried out. The building will accommodate all the necessary functions for optimal logistical operations, with the aim of expanding the service areas for travellers, improving quality of service and making them suitable for an increasing number of users.