COBAR S.p.A. was created by founder and legal representative Mr. Vito Matteo Barozzi, who combined and transformed a number of other construction companies, of which he was founding partner, technical director and legal representative. The resulting entity, COBAR S.p.A., unified in itself the entire corporate structure, as well as the ownership of movable and immovable property, its employees and equipment, and all completed and ongoing construction sites. With its long history and acquired experience, COBAR S.p.A. has asserted its competence and specialised professional presence in the following sectors: – planning and realization of public and private construction projects for all purposes (civil, industrial, touristic, commercial, prefabricated structures, etc.), both proprietary and through contracts; – restoration and maintenance works for movable and immovable monument property (churches, shrines, monasteries, historical buildings, etc..), protected under cultural and environmental heritage law; – design, installation, maintenance and assistance services for technological systems (electrical, thermal, air-conditioning, water and sanitation, fire fighting systems, etc.) for civil, industrial, touristic and commercial applications. The majority of the finalized works were designed both by licensed technicians employed by the Company and by accredited external professional technicians with proven experience. The Company’s core business, that has always served as its internal beacon and compass, mostly centres around public and private contracts, and focuses on design, implementation of restoration and conservation works for movable and immovable heritage sites (theatres, churches, shrines, monasteries, historical buildings, etc..): these sites hold exceptional historical and artistic value for Italy, and are protected under cultural and environmental heritage law. During the difficult economic crisis that determined a contraction in State investments for public construction works, the Company’s management and leadership envisioned a reshaping of its corporate strategy, by refocusing its objectives and investment plans and operating alongside the cultural heritage conservation sector. The Company’s efficiency and operational capacity in this field is now unparalleled, along with its proficiency in the field of public works for industrial buildings and infrastructures, and realization, management and maintenance of technological systems. Today, the constant push for innovation and sustainability drives the Company’s action plan and management. Cobar is especially proud for its contribution to the restoration of some Italy’s most historically important and architecturally significant buildings. Among the most notable ones, are the Colosseum in Rome and the Reggia di Caserta, two incredibly precious heritage sites for Italy. Cobar has brought than 500 projects to completion, obtaining 20 certifications with its work. The team consists of over 250 hired workers, 70 technicians, and 1000 external contractors, accruing an average of €60 million in revenue. The Company has developed a cost management and workload planning system that ensures participation in tender offers with a guaranteed adequate profit margin. The passion and professionalism of its technical and production resources has reached an outstanding level of excellence (engineers, architects, surveyors and experts are added to solid teams that are highly specialized in specific sectors and processes), especially due to a core dedication to training and continuous learning. COBAR S.p.A. is especially celebrated for its reliability: all contracts awarded over the years have been brought to successful completion, in full respect of deadlines (a practice way too often overlooked or neglected in the public sector). The Management is committed to maintaining constant high quality standards, through continuous improvement of its distinctive skills and technical specialization, along with investment policies aimed at optimizing production processes. The base of this long-standing action plan rests on strong values, such as respect for delivery terms, and especially respect for employees. A competent, enthusiastic and driven team is the best resource any company can count on. Even during times of financial crisis, with the incredible hardships in the area of construction, the Company has adopted strategies geared towards thriving and improving, not simply surviving. An idea based on results, competence and long-term vision. To give the past a bright future.


Vito Matteo Barozzi was born in Altamura (BA) on September 18th, 1957, to a family with a farming background. Since the age of 10, he visited construction sites: in the 70s, he would depart for a working experience abroad (Zurich, Brussels). After graduating as an industrial consultant specialized in electronics and industry, he worked as a teacher for eight years. In 1986, he took a new career path as a construction contractor, opening his first company that operated in both the public and the private sector. In 2005 he founded Cobar and took his current role as sole manager of the company.
The core spirit of the company is driven by simple principles, that its founder has discussed openly: fairness, perseverance and dedication to work. These values are essential, but above all necessary to achieve the company’s goals.
Through its experience in the field, Cobar has in time become a solid and reliable partner in the field of monument works, and it is additionally able to compete with leading companies at national scale in the civil and infrastructural sector. Among the countless works commissioned to Cobar, some notable mentions include Palazzo Barberini, the Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum), the San Carlo Theater, the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria: all of them are unmistakable icons of Italy’s rich culture and history.
“Working on one of the most important moments of the ancient world, the Flavian Amphitheater, has made us not only proud, but above all has stemmed and nurtured  in us a more heartfelt sense of responsibility, as it has made us active witnesses of history that must be preserved and handed down to posterity.”
Equally important is the completion of prestigious and significant restoration projects of monument properties in Puglia, including the Petruzzelli Theatre, the Kursaal Theatre, the Cathedral of Altamura and Gravina, and the Siponto Basilica in Manfredonia.
Working on theaters is one of the endeavour closest to the heart of Cobar’s founder, Vito Matteo Barozzi: it is synonymous with preserving and spreading culture to the public. In this spirit, another notable mention is restoration of the theater in Mr. Barozzi’ hometown, the Mercadante Theater in Altamura: in 2006, he took over management for the theater, through the founding of a company called Teatro Mercadante s.r.l..